Web Designing

WEB DESIGNING TRAINING (English, Hindi, Telugu Languages)

Duration: 25 Hours (or 30 days duration), Daily one hour (Fast track & Weekend session also available)
Fee: $150 USD or 9000 INR

Basics of Web Technologies
Introduction to Web Technologies
How does website works ?
How to Register a Domain Name
Client and Server Software.
Static and Dynamic Websites
Careers in Web Technologies
Web Standards and W3C.ORG


Adobe Photoshop CS5
Introduction of Stock Photography
Image Editing Tools and Types of Images
Introduction to Adobe Photoshop
Using Photoshop Tools
Creating Custom Effects
Design Banners for Website
Making a basic Website Layout


Markup Languages
Structure of HTML
Basic HTML Tags
Advanced HTML Tags
Introduction to Doc Types


PHP & MySql Basics


Adobe Dreamweaver
Learning the Interface
Dreamweaver Tools.
Defining a Dreamweaver site
Adding Content and Multimedia.
Creating user submission forms.
Using Spry Elements

Web Design with CSS3
Introduction to Cascading Style
Types of Style Sheets
Types of CSS Selectors
CSS properties
Converting Table layout to CSS
Custom CSS Layout Design
Creating simple and dropdown
CSS Tips and Optimization


Template Conversion
Template Design requirments
Creating Web Templates in
Slicing in Photoshop
Convert PSD to HTML & CSS


Java Script & jQUERY Intro
Objects and Events
Common Functions
Simple Script Examples


Responsive Web Design (Bootstrap & media query)
Grid Systems in Bootstrap
Components and form elements
Slider animations in Bootstrap
Bootstrap Plugins and its uses
Introduction to Media Queries
Understanding CSS Box Model & CSS Resets
Techniques to make Responsive Images
Creating Responsive menu
Creating Responsive Banner slider
Creating Responsive Content area
Creating Responsive Footer

Web Hosting Training
Web Hosting Basics
Types of Hosting Packages
Using FTP Client
Maintaining a Website


Compatibility Testing
Various Browser Versions
Validating the XHTML & CSS
Common Compatibility Issues


SEO Concepts
Basics of SEO
Importance of SEO
Optimization Basics


Making Money With Google AdSense
Introduction on Money Earnings
AdSense Account Creation
Ads Configuration & Placements on Web Pages


Introduction to Social Media Tools like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube

Sample projects & chance to work on live projects