DTP & Graphic Designing

DTP & GRAPHIC DESIGNING TRAINING (English, Hindi, Telugu Languages)

Duration: 25 Hours (or 30 days duration), Daily one hour (Fast track & Weekend session also available)
Fee: $150 USD or 9000 INR

Adobe Photoshop CS5

Introduction to Photoshop
Introduction of Image Editing Software
Types of Image Editing Software’s
Adobe Photoshop Version
Workspace over view
Uses of Photoshop


Photoshop Interface

Customizing Your Workspace
Customizing Keyboard Shortcuts
Customizing Menus
Creating a New Document


Tools in Photoshop

Selection Tools
Crop & Slice tools
Retouching Tools
Painting Tools
Drawing and Type tools
Annotation, Measuring and navigation tools


Special Effects

Layer Styles
Image Adjustments
Using Filters and Effects
Using Actions to Perform Tasks Faster
Applying Blend mode Options


Corel Draw:

Introducing Corel Draw
Basics of Coreldraw
Vector Graphics & Bitmaps
The Corel DRAW Screen
Viewing Modes
Workspace over view

Creating Graphic Objects

Set Up a Drawing Page
Draw Shapes
Draw Lines
Include Objects
Add Text to Objects
Draw the Logos


Options to Modify the Objects

Work with Fills
Modify Objects
Modify Outlines
Align Objects


Options to add effects to the Text

Fit Text on a Path
Work with Paragraph Text
Wrap Paragraph Text
Work with a Text Style
Insert Special Characters
Spell Check a Document
Working with Drawing
Apply Artistic Effects to Objects
Create Symbols
Export CorelDRAW Files in Other Formats


Adobe Page Maker

Introducing Page maker
Screen Features and Menus
Document Setup
Starting a New Publication
Document creation
Building and Saving a New Publication
Drawing Simple Graphics
Editing a Publication
Opening and Closing a Publication
Printing a Publication

Master Pages

Using Rules and Ruler Guides
Using Column Guides
Setting a Grid
Automatic Page Numbering

Text Controls

Text Formatting and Type Specifications
Paragraph Formatting
Styles (Defining, Applying and Editing)
Working with Text Blocks
Rotating, Moving and Sizing
Find and Replace and Spelling
Copying and Moving Text

Importing Graphics

Resizing, Cropping and Rotating
Element Control
Using the Colour Palette
Using the Style Palette

Page Numbering
Bullets and Numbering
Table of Contents and Indexing
Using the Control Palette

Intro to Adobe inDesign

Intro to Adobe Illustrator