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SM Weblinx is a provider of IT India, our administrations incorporate databases, organizational and security settings, PCs, servers and printers. With all of the things and administrations consolidated with remarkable esteem, we also provide a managed service that integrates IT outsourcing, IT support and maintenance.
SM weblinx has a system of benefits and proximity across the country, including many areas of administration located throughout India. We are widely involved in supporting customers of all businesses, including retail chains, F & B, manufacturing, car, engineer and developments, government segments, etc.

We are also grateful for the offer of IT administrations and responses to improve the productivity and adequacy of your IT base.

Why use us?
Advantages of using Innonet solutions:
• Cost savings
• Flexibility
• Increase productivity and efficiency
• Reduction of overhead costs
• Flexibility in staffing
• Focus on core activities
• Broader capabilities
• Save time
• Local collection and transport

Our Mission:
Our central goal is to develop the efficiency and profit of corporate clients by providing personalized consulting services, meeting most of your innovation needs.
Our IT Support Maintenance :
o National IT support

o Comprehensive IT support

o Long / short term IT support

o IT Outsourcing

o Maintenance of PC support

o Server support

o Network support

o Maintaining the printer

o Preventive maintenance

Our team will describe a computer service or IT maintenance plan that meets the needs of your organization and your IT requirements.

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